Kuwait, 1991, photo by Steve McCurry National Geographic, Kuwait, 1991, photo by Steve McCurry, courtesy The Annenberg Space for Photography

Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years

The photographs at the Annenberg Space for Photography of National Geographic magazine are cinema-size, faces larger than life, their suffering and innocence unbearable but attached to your memory forever. There are also animals filled with destroyed beauty and a haunting … Continue reading

Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, The Abduction of Psyche by Zephrus to the Palace of Eros Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, The Abduction of Psyche by Zephrus to the Palace of Eros, after 1808, probably before 1820, Oil on Canvas, Norton Simon Foundation

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon (1758- 1823) The Abduction of Psyche

We all know that for a long time artists used to use the Greek myths as an excuse to paint nudes, confident that men never tire of female flesh being offered up in various religious costumes, but what about the … Continue reading

Vincent Van Gogh, Self-Portrait, August 1889 Vincent Van Gogh, Self-Portrait, August 1889, 
Oil on canvas, 57 × 43,5 cm, 
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) SELF-PORTRAIT

The first time I saw Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait it was in my mother’s bedroom, hanging on the wall opposite the two Gauguins that hung over her bed. I liked the two Gauguins—they seemed happy and far away—but the … Continue reading

judd Donald Judd, Untitled, 1968. Stainless steel and plexiglass, 33 × 68 × 48 in. (83.8 × 172.7 × 121.9 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Donald Judd (1928 – 1994) & Minimalism

What is this love of simplicity that gave us the great barren art form of minimalism and its regressive culmination in the blankness of a simpleton? The real master it serves is industry because simple is just cheaper to make … Continue reading

rothko_up Mark Rothko: Untitled (Seagram Mural), 1959, oil and mixed media on canvas, sizw: 265.4 x 288.3 cm. Gift of The Mark Rothko Foundation, Inc. Copyright © 1997 Christopher Rothko and Kate Rothko Prizel.

MARK ROTHKO (1903–1970)

The sublime or supernatural, the spirit of myth timeless and tragic, these are states to be imagined, honored or worshiped. They are not created by color fields, as the Abstract Expressionist would have us believe. Barnett Newman’s red canvas, Vir … Continue reading